At Early Learners Enrichment a licensed Teacher with 17 years of experience including teaching kindergarten and first grade writes all of the activity and lesson plans AND she teaches all of the four and five year old children each morning Monday through Thursday. Ms. Russell integrates Spanish throughout the day as she sings reads and talks with the children. Also two teachers on her staff are native Spanish speakers. Each year most of the 24 children who graduate from Ms. Russell s class go to kindergarten already having learned how to read and write. Their reading success is due to the many meaningful fun language arts activities they engaged in while attending Early Learners Enrichment. Also the children paint play with blocks play musical instruments go on field trips have guest speakers create fun with food projects plant a garden learn about other cultures enjoy math with manipulatives put on puppet shows and plays listen to wonderful stories and play in a nature-filled backyard. Early Learners Enrichment provides education and care for young ones ages 2 months to 10 years old. An after-school program is offered for children with transportation provided from Horn Elementary School and Weber Elementary School. You are welcome to call us at 319-339-0800 and visit us. Hablamos espanol. Bienvenidos a nuestra escuela.